[Demande de certification] Epicuro

Hi there,

I am Epicuro, your newest member of the uCoin project. I would like to get your approval to become a certificated member of the network.

Here are some infos for proving my identity:


My user identity: epicuro
my public key: DrJQnSvvB5WwXpnaBKa7jcSSNG8sbBW5NWDFonmQtF1h
Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


Done, certified!

Welcome Lennart,
Certified !

Certified Epicurus :slight_smile:

I can not see the certification on my PC. Although Samuel gets the same picture as you.

Maybe I am are more than three steps from someone else away?

Just click on “Epicurus” circle again, a loader will show up and the view will be updated.

Doesn’t work. Should I just wait some more?

Well the cache will be refresh as soon as a block will be computed.

The other guys are seeing your certifications because the cache is refreshed when you send a certification.
Just wait for next block to be computed and you’ll see your certifications appear ! :slight_smile:

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