[Demande de certification] Folatt

Yes, and I congratulate you on your and your teammates for such a great success.
Your efforts were hard and difficult. Despite all that, it resulted into success.

I am however talking about another type of difficulty. I am talking about all of the work you’ve done being seperceded by someone else. For example, Safecoin becomes a success, working as promised and a team of developers building a Maidsafe application that does everything Duniter does with the speed of Safecoin.
All of your hard work has been for nothing.

And then someone from the Maidsafe team takes over the app and tells you the same thing.
Their team is bigger and worked for more years on it.

You didn’t think about the very long time necessary to build, adopt, use a money. A money is not something you can quit from another one easily and quickly, it takes years, and much more.

So keep confident in the fact that people involved in Duniter/Ğ1 will continue to use it, and if a better technology comes, they will transfer Ğ1 in the new one, and not quitting it. And this is just like changing the software version, it is absolutely not quitting the money.

So you must not make confusion between the money itself and the software who runs it. The Software can be run for another money, and the money can be managed with another version of the software, that can be a new one, it is just a question of code change amount.

Where exactly? I didn’t see this in your posts.

The difficulty that whatever you try to achieve is being surpassed by someone else.

Hi @Folaht

I didn’t see that Safecoin is an implementation of a Libre Currency. Did I miss something?

It’s not. But it does not rely on the blockchain. It relies on the Safe Network.
If it’s possible to make a libre currency platform on the safe network, then I argue it will be superior to Duniter and argue that the Maidsafe team will take credit for it, as the Safe Network is bigger than it’s apps.

Is it safe (pun intended!) to assume that someone who today has a lot of resources would be given a lot of Safecoins since it is resource based? How could this possibly be even remotely compatible with a libre currency? Did I again miss something?

Where exactly? Quote yourself.

I find it difficult to make new friends and know of no Belgians personally. I will try to win their trust, but I fear getting it after my digiterate (digital + illiterate) mother does.

Do you know Loek Van Wely, Erwin L’Ami or Paul van der Sterren !?

So you were talking about the same difficulty as us, the difficulty to join in. I don’t know why you said you were speaking about a different difficulty with this “superseding” thing, which is completely off-topic.

I’m stopping to take part in this conversation, I’m loosing time here.

No. The best chess player that I have played against and was part of the chess club during my childhood has a rating of 23xx. My best win was against a 1780 player.
I stopped playing chess recently again. The chess computers are becoming so good at it,
that I’m confident to say that a perfect game will start with 1. d4 d5 2. c4 … with white always at the advantage, but ending in a tie.
My plans to win with 1. c4 … as white or 1. d4 Nf6 and not start with a mirrored game as black has been thwarted at every turn. And a mirrored start with the second player “always blocking attacks” looks boring.