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About me
As the protagonist of own my life, I was born in 1982 from a relatively wealthy family in a modest,
prosperous and peaceful town from a similarly descriptive country, I now live alone in a small apartment in my hometown.

I enjoy JRPG’s, board games, retro gaming, slice of life anime, other anime, jpop, future funk, chiptunes and relaxing (classical) music for concentration. Though, I have had very little time for most hobbies since adulthood, as regular work and working on my MaidSafe sites now take up most of my time.

I know I’m not the only one with such longing back for some extra time a day.
I sincerely hope that one day we will all have a universal basic income that will allow us to alternate between work and play again.

I haven’t been here in a while, having been busy with ArkOS, then peakwinter gave up on it, then somone told Maidsafe being the better project, then to being surprised that Maidsafe was not a NextNextCloud, making many apps obsolete, but something that makes even personal servers obsolete.

But since Duniter/Cesium is not available on Maidsafe yet, I finally made the switch from ArkOS to YunoHost and tried out Cesium.

I made a couple of sites on Maidsafe and my first site is about my attempt to construct a new language.
It’s a “in case the EU needs a common language”, I thought of taking Esperanto, give it a sexy French accent and salt it with Dutch. Perfect for Brussels.

Anyway, I had to use diacritics, so I’ve chosen to use a lot of breves, thus I’m very curious from what language the currency name Ğ1 is taken from.

It’s day four and I have not recieved a single certification as of yet. :frowning:

Maybe @Galuel have something to answer…
Otherwise there is the french explanation (that you can translate w/ google but I’m not sure that all subtlety came out! :slight_smile: )

From french / english / spanish

There’s no Ğ in English / French / Spanish.

That’s the point, you got it. Now just translate and read http://www.glibre.org/ and you will understant why choosing Ğ is because it is not a G.

So it’s like the Turkish Ğ, a glottal stop, only via a very different interpretation.
Just like I needed a letter for a voiced velar fricative as I have a Dutch g in my name and I want my language to be fully phonetic, and it so happens to be that that’s the older pronounciation of the Turkish Ğ.

Hi, this character doesn’t exist in French either so there isn’t a definite way of pronouncing it, but it is definitely not a glottal stop or even glottal at all. In the Duniter/Ğ1 community we pronounce it as an English “j” but without the “d” before it. The phonetic representation is \ʒ. I don’t think there is an equivalent in Dutch.

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Ah, the French “j”. That makes sense. We have a couple of common non-native words that uses that phoneme.

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I’m not getting any certificates :frowning:

@Folaht, i see that you send about 729 invitations to certify !

not sure you understood the license.
I will delete all this invitations from my data node.

Aux français : merci de ne pas certifier ce monsieur, et d’ignorer ses invitations !
Je dois corriger le controle sur le noeud ES… pour filtrer sur l’émetteur.

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So I have to meet people in person?
The closest people on the map are in Brussels!
I live in the Netherlands.

Eh bien, je vais attendre.

No, you must study the Ğ1 licence, it is the first step to be able to pretend to become a member.

It’s one of the requirements in the license.

2a) You are assured to meet her physically to make sure that it is this person you know who manages this public key.


Oh, I see, one can also remotely verify the person via video chat. What do you want me to do on skype, sing the Marseillaise?

You misread: the video chat is meant to verify the link between a person and its public key.

This is independant from the fact a member must sign only people he knows.

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What if someone doesn’t have any friends or family? :sob:
What if this person is unliked and shunned by society?
What if this new web of trust is being used to exert power over others, revoking certifications as a punishment whenever the leaf people are not praising the root certifiers enough?

Also, this way you could disallow people from generating such currencies. For example, the EU could issue a cryptocurrency starting with the ECB president and criminalize the certification of non-EU citizens.
Is that intended?

This pushes the creation of cryptocoins into the hands of governments.

And this certainly makes it difficult for me to become the first Dutchy to obtain Ğ1. I’ll be one of the last now.

You still may have a professionnal circle.

This is not in the protocol, it is technically impossible today.

You certainly think a lot about you, but what about us the initial developers? Do you know it took us 4 years in time, with a lot of development effort to finally be able to build Ğ1 and be part of it?

Meditate about this please before continuing to cry.

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Wish me good luck with that.

I know and congratulations. My own development efforts on anything has gotten me nowhere.

Your best shot is either to join belgium if you are near the frontier, or try talk about libre money where you live to be able to start an economic zone using a new libre currency :slight_smile:

This would require developers to be able to maintain the network, and you will need some help. It takes time, but one has to start somewhere :wink:

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I’ll try that first.

That got me thinking. I could start an economic zone based on what the European Federalists on reddit think the size of the economic zone should be, that will undoubtedly be slightly larger than the eurozone, so as to be one step ahead of them.

It’s not the point: I read your complains about “it’s difficult”. I say: you could reconsider your own difficulty from a different perspective, notably the one of the initial developers who could not even choose Ğ1 because it did not even exist when the wanted to make that choice.

Now you have that choice, this is clearly easier for you than it was for us.

I say it to you, but this is a general remark for anyone complaining about this “difficulty to join Ğ1”.

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