[Demande de certification] Guyver

Hi all !
I’m glad to join the community, and would like to contribute by beta testing (and talking about the project to everyone around me, of course !).
I’m Guillaume Thomsen, I knew about this project with Stéphane Laborde at a conference included in the MFRB summer campus.

You can hear my question here at 1:14:00, this is my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/guillaume.thomsen, I wrote this little book : http://www.inlibroveritas.net/auteur/3811/guillaume-thomsen, and … I don’t like putting too much personal data online, so that’s it.

If not enough, tell me what I could do to prove I’m me :wink:


Hello Guyver !

I’m certifying you.

We got some problems with the blockchain recently, cgeek is working on it, but just, dont worry if some weird behaviour happens in cutecoin :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s the purpose of beta testing ! Got 2 certifications so far. How many do I need to activate ?

I certified you too, you only need 3 in this testing money.