[Demande de certification] Luke

Hi there, I’m new to Ĝ and want to check it out so I’ve set an account up on the test node:
Pseudonym: Luke
Public key: G4uyQq7tWwHy1P7QDe28AwLAvLo7o2s9T95mjWazcF24

Can you please certify me so I try out this project? :slight_smile:

3 J'aimes

Welcome Luke (don’t use the force please :wink: ) !

I have certified you.
Hope you enjoy this wonderful project.

If you do not find what you search in english, just tell us. It’s a french project, but we try to publish most documents in english for « the rest of the world ».

Best regards,

Thank you Vit!

Even though my name looks like I’m from the US, I’m actually French, it’s just a habit of mine to use english in this kind of project. :slight_smile:

I’ll still try to follow EN docs so I might be able to help find what’s missing!

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That’s nice. We try to get the technical documentation up-to-date in English but we lack good content for english-speaking users.