[Demande de certification] Miguel

Hi everyone,
I’m Miguel, based in the Southwest coast of Portugal where a few users of G1 are collaborating with a cooperative project (in Rogil, Aljezur).

After being introduced to G1 by user Ricardoneves13, I have studied more information about the coin and the WoT mechanism for maintaining the blockchain and we are fairly comfortable with using G1 as a local community coin with the cooperative transactions.

To start introducing G1 locally we will need to ramp up verified users in our region, for the implementation with the cooperative to work. I got validated by 3 users which are based here, Ricardo, Yorgos and Oren, also am in contact with Jefferson and would ask older, distant members who are in the WoT to also validate me and other local users.

I would love to have a video call to talk about G1 and what actions we could take to solve the distance rule and how to best expand the network of users locally.

If you could spare some time to talk please send me a message and we schedule it.
I am @limitscontrol on Telegram and can be reached via email also at super.montano (at) gmail.com.

Thanks in advance, regs!

**** my G1 user data:

Public Key: E9mFo7meGPFo9Pg7c2q6cW5SH2FcT9kS5foGYETK7sAP
Pseudonym: madagascar

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Hi Miguel,

Thanks you for your work to promote the Ğ1. I’m not a member myself, but you’ll reach more people on the users’ forum (this one is for the developers):
=> https://forum.monnaie-libre.fr/


Thanks Pini for the heads-up. I’ll post there!