Disabling bootnodes

The substrate documentation mentions the command line option --disable-default-bootnode (https://docs.substrate.io/reference/how-to-guides/basics/customize-a-chain-specification/). However, it seems to be unavailable in Duniter (duniter --help does not display it). Is there a way to disable bootnodes embeded in chainspec?

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Each subcommand has its own cli options.
The documentation you are pointing to, talks about the build-spec subcommand:

./target/release/node-template build-spec --chain chain-spec-plain.json --raw --disable-default-bootnode > no-bootnodes-chain-spec-plain.json

Duniter-v2s does have this option for the build-spec subcommand:

./target/debug/duniter build-spec --help
            Disable adding the default bootnode to the specification

As far as I know, no, you have to modify (or regenerate) the chain spec first, and if they are embedded in the binary, you have to recompile the binary.