Discussion of some alternative block writing method


Hi all, here an alternative suggestion for how we could create powBlocks

n = nbPreviousIssuers
b = nbBlocksSince
NewcomerPer100 = for example 1

n = n +1
if never mined a block then n = min (n, 100 / NewcomerPer100 +1)

b = b mod 2n + 1

var target = powTargetMin + powTargetMin * (((n+b)(n-b) / nb)))^4;

Using an target that must be reached should scale better, with this we could simulate more balanced bitcoin like increases in the difficulty that does not jump too much.

In this example all Newcomers together are tread like one member. once one newcomer writes his first block, he has his own block from which n and b is counted.

With the above parameters round about every 100 written blocks nemcomers could mine with powMin
With b = b mod 2n + 1 and percentRot = 1 round about one member would write with powmin. with percentRot = 0.5 round about 50% of the members would write with b min.

In away this suggestion would simulate a kind of que, where the more you come to your position in the que the more close you reach powMin. If you miss it your pow increases until your next chance comes :smile:

This suggestion would have the benefit that percentRot (members writing with non minPow) could be set to 1 or close to 1 without increasing much the risk, that non participating members could take over the network for some blocks.

a high percentRot would decrease the power consumption, because the higher percentRot the less members will try to write powBlocks at the same time because of highPowDifficulty for these members.

A high percentRot would also be more fair for members that have not much pow power.

Also newcommers cannot attack the network easily, because they are automatically qued in through treating them together similar to one member that has powMin every NewcomerPer100 blocks.

What do you think?