Documentation of Payloads in RPC API

Documentation about Payloads (NewOwnerKeyPayload, RevocationPayload) is hard to find (mainly the forum, and finally, the Rust code…).

They should be documented in the extrinsic online documentation requiring them.

If Bytes type is involved, we should also specify the Endian (Big or Little Byte Order).

Maybe an easy issue for a new Rust dev ? :wink:


I intended to document this kind of things in docs/api/ but it’s not up-to-date (revocation is outdated and change owner key is missing).


You mean Duniter | Runtime calls?

I did not get the goal of docs/api/, but now that you write it down, it’s clear that these kind of things should be documented somewhere.

MR !133 comes with a lot of added documentation, maybe I could fit #101 in it.

It’s for documenting general things that would not fit in an automated item-wise documentation, more like an FAQ for wallet developers. There are some processes like revocation or everything related to membership, that require a precise order and you can’t guess it from the extrinsic documentation alone.

But maybe it’s useless or redundant, I don’t know.

I mean extrinsic as well. Look here on technicalComittee there is some online doc :

SmithMembership extrinsics, for example, lack these kind of documentation available directly in the API.

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That’s the purpose of MR !133, it adds documentation to most extrinsics and storage items.

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