Duniter mobile/web application

Hi,I would like to ask if in the future there is a mobile application for phones (e.g. android) since currently only people with a pc can become members.Most people in Africa don’t have a pc but a mobile phone so if we want also them to join there should be a mobile/web application also.

It already exists a mobile application: Cesium is a web app (http://cesium.duniter.fr), and it can even be installed directly on your phone as it is availble on the store (only Google Play today, but probably also on F-Droid some day).

Oh,I thought that someone needed to have installed the desktop version so as to use the web app.

It is embedded in it, yes. But it is also available at http://cesium.duniter.fr.

Also, this is pure HTML/CSS/JS webapp. You can even download it and host it on your own webserver if you want.

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