[EBG_Test] Getting the stepMax and xPercent correct

Under my EU currency, EU citizens should not be allowed to certify anyone or their certifications should be somehow invalid.
I’m hoping that by setting parameters I could achieve this model with Duniter.
As far as I understand the membership requirements are as follows:

Membership = N certificates * xPercent sentries && within stepMax distance of all nodes.

Having a grip on what xPercent and stepMax could mean, I’ve come up with a model that should work:


Examplified in the model I counted the number of maximum steps an EU citizen could encounter when requesting a certificate from an EU official.

If I’m correct, for my currency I should set the maxStep to 3 and have a litte network with three other trusted people that should never verify EU citizens certificates. That way, EU citizens could never assign membership to non-EU citizens.


Im still not entirely sure how xPercent work, but it appears to be unnecessary to my model, so I’ll set it at 1, which I think stands for 100%.

If I understand correctly, a sentry is defined as follows:

Sentry = (certificates sent within maxStep >= sigQty && certificates received within maxStep >= sigQty)

This is to ensure people sending out certificates.

Perhaps I’m completely misunderstanding these two rules, but it’s worth a shot to see if my idea will work.