Force identity mempools sync

Hi !

I created a python script to force the sync of identity-related documents in mempools from one node to many. It only works for identities with one valid certification.

This is meant to solve regular display issues. (Where are my certifications ?! :scream:)

I run it on a weekly basis to sync mempools between these commonly used nodes:

If you think that a node should be added to this list, feel free to ask! (@gerard94 I don’t have the URL for WotWizard node). But no more than 7, since there are 7 days in a week.

I have read no new identity display problem since I run it (~2 weeks).

No misunderstanding : I know that mempools cannot be perfectly synced, this is not the aim of this script. This is a quick and dirty patch on Duniter’s current mempool propagation.

The script can also be used if you want to fill your node’s mempools after a blockchain sync.

I don’t think we need another person running this script regularly. I don’t plan to develop it further.

If you want to make it better, find a way to get the list of « waiting » identities without any certification.

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You should ask @cgeek for that. But I don’t think he’ll display the URL.

Okkkk il faut sue je regarde ce que tu as fait, c’est exactement ce que je proposai a elois ya kk semaine pour palier a ce soucis de sync… Un script standalone bourrinos comme on les aimes.

Devoir en arriver là prouve bien qu’il y a un problème, c’est toujours bienvenu un pansement court-terme dans l’urgence (merci @matograine pour ça), mais ça ne doit pas inciter à retarder le traitement de la cause. Au contraire, cela montre que le problème est devenu suffisamment grave pour que quelqu’un prenne du temps et de l’énergie à coder un palliatif, il est donc d’autant plus urgent de reprioriser le traitement de la cause.

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