Four economic freedoms

hi, i’m doing work on the english g1 currency website.
i’m not fully clear on the 4 economic freedoms stated in RTM… would appreciate if someone could expand on the 2nd one… what does the freedom to access resources imply? the other 3 are rather self explanatory.

The freedom of choice of one’s monetary system
The freedom to access resources
The freedom to evaluate and produce any economic value
The freedom to exchange and determine prices


Others may correct me but I think this is Freedom to use ressources available in your environment.

ok. just wondering how this ties in with the 4 economic freedoms.

If someone would corner/monopolize a resource, like a water from a well or an oasis in the desert.
But, I do not know how the prevention can be achieved.

At the end of the RTM, you have the appendice 1 where the author add some comments on the four freedoms.

What I remember is that the money is also a resource…

ok, thanks for this. good to know the RTM goes through these points in more detail… i read over the first points, and get a sense it refers to what you mention, that the resource in this case refers to money or currency… it’s not spelt out as that, but i can’t see what else he would be referring to.

if find the writing in RTM very hard to comprehend. i assume it’s not just from the english translation, but the way the material is expressed.