Freecoin Complementary currency

“Freecoin is a set of tools to let people run reward schemes that
aretransparent and auditable to other organisations”

is from this project:

“Complementary currency governance systems: in this domain the
Freecoin Toolchain innovates by offering a decentralized participatory
social governance structure for complementary currency systems.
Essentially, the opposite of high frequency trading ruled by
robo-journalism instructing algorithms, which in turn trade stocks
with none or minimal human intervention”


Probably interesting too:

What do you think?

There is nothing concerning WoT, and so nothing to know if theese tools will be compatible with a libre money as it is demonstrated in Relative Theory of Money.

So without clear information on that crucial point there is no interest for the project we develop here. If later they explain how it can be compatible with RTM Libre Money, we will look at it seriously.

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I am willing to organize volunteering organization, that’s why I am looking for a “money” system.
Like Bristol pound with sms interaction would be great :wink:
The TRM concept seems the more interesting as it includes relativity and WoT control, plus P2P Marketplace, decentralized is just wonderful for resilient system!!

My group is about 40 people, we are working manually with “time bank” system… It cannot handle more… What would be your advise? Duniter is ready for production test?

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Apart relativity, the other points are not TRM part at all.

Here we develop a libre money, not “time bank”, or “bitcoin like”, or “debt money” or whatever the name you give to any not-libre money.

You are right, you are working on TRM, libre money. The best money creation algorithm I am aware of.
I love either, It’s decentralized structure and market place service. Forget freecoin.
But you didn’t gave me any advice about how to use your development for a group willing to evolve into TRM?

To study the TRM and produce content relative to it you have all needed information accessible here.

To join Duniter development you hace all needed information in the official Github repositery and the official website of the project as well as the forum here.

To join test-net testing libre money and next version Gtest you have all needed information here and searching the forum.

Thanks for all details.
Meantime I discovered a telegram bot for resource geo-tagging and transportation.
Now used for Taxi and people, I am wishing to mix it with Duniter free money system.

Anyone interested in that project?