French website graph change to english

i’m part of the team building the new english G1 website. We’re translating the french website piece by piece, creating a great new resource for the english speaking world, thanks to the amazing work done on the french website.

i have a number of queries i will ask i separate posts.

firstly is:

i would like to have this graph in english. if the developer had the code and was open to change to english that would be very helpful. I’m working with @HugoTrentesaux currently, and he suggested i pose my requests here.

here’s the FAQ, with graph at the bottom.

not sure where a finished engligh graph will be shared if carried out, but i’m sure i’ll find out.


This file was uploaded by @ManUtopiK one year ago in commit 7bc7660f.

Maybe you still have the sources of it? Otherwise we could modify the image directly but that’s not clean.

Hi @SpoonCarver and welcome !

I downloaded this graph from the old website. I really don’t know who built it…
@HugoTrentesaux have you got an idea who made this chart or where it comes from ?

You said your are building a new english website ?! Awesome, do you work with some people or alone ?
And which framework/cms do you use ?

I plan to integrate dynamic charts for the French website. It will be interesting to rebuild this chart with real data and not a picture…
Are you interested to do that ?

I have a similar graph in this repo (the “du-graph” files). It uses data generated by a Python script and renders it using gnuplot.

You can re-create it by making the first in-depth module of the RTM :wink:

Here is an example report.
I had an Excel table with this exercice done 6 years ago. But it seems that I deleted the file :frowning:

ok great. thanks @Paidge
had look at this example report, and are a bunch of graphs in english we could use…
what you think @HugoTrentesaux?

you know better than me how best to utilise such graphs for the website.

great. thanks for the welcome @ManUtopiK. appreciate it.

feels good to be more connected to the developers through here, instead of posing my sporadic questions to the telegram G1 group

the english website build has been ongoing for 9 months or more i’d say! started by one women sophie, and others joined along the way… i’ve been involved for 4 or 5 months i’d say… provided my capacity to proof read and correct english text, which the team is translating from the french website… no website building or coding expertise. just english fluency, and a passion to learn more about g1 and provide more resources for english speakers who are ready to explore such ways of living.

building using ‘yes wiki’ from what i’m aware… hugo opening up other better options for us.


Yeswiki is cool. But is it written in markdown ?
Is it online ?

I think I don’t have time to do everything and that it is not part of my program :smiley:

It’s written in a dokuwiki format. Part of it is publicly online, the rest is waiting for review. We can have a look at it together tomorrow :wink:

yes, i hear you @HugoTrentesaux… i’m happy to sort out the graph inclusion. will wait til monday call to get best method from you or the group.

Maybe @yyy has still the original tables of his report of Galilee’s module.

The zip archive is available at the end of the page : Module Galilée


ok, nice one @yyy. that’s a good find. have it downloaded, i’m sure it will be useful. thanks

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