ĞDev: reboot monthly?

@smiths-GDev I suggest rebooting the GDev every month, with up-to-date data from the G1.

This in order to train to launch a live network from 0.

Given that the GDev3 started at 12/11/2022 17:15:36, I propose to stay on this schedule.

I really want to do the next reboot in December (to automate that later), and the idea is that each smith does it in turn each months (those who want).

Then we could automate all this workflow in January ?

Are you ok with that?


I think that the deployment of a live network cannot be entirely automated.
And it still requires to understand what you are doing, so you have to spend time to train yourself.
Moreover, you have to regularly change the configuration format of the genesis according to the progress of duniter-v2s developments.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to force all smith to learn this, they are really different skills for different roles.

People interested in learning how to deploy a live network can make themselves known here, the more the better, but it should not be a prerequisite to become a ĞDev smith.

It would be nice if there were more blacksmiths on the ĞDev, which already requires some knowledge, if on of you could write a tutorial or record a video on how to join the smiths (in post-genesis), there is a need for it :slight_smile:

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