ĞDev3 smiths

During Bordeaux hackathon, we launched the ĞDev3. The BABE consensus algorithm involves that loosing more than ⅓ of the authorities will result in unstable network (explanation in the rush provided by 1000i100 still to be cut). So we need to organize ourselves to make sure the smith are enough and do goOffline() in advance if they know their node is risking interruption of service.

A visio in english will be set in order to increase the number of people in the smith subwot and we will track the activity of the authorities in the following topic until we get better tooling.


Telemetry available here: Polkadot Telemetry


I do not have much space left on my server, so I’m doing goOffline() to change my node config to enable pruning (no more archive node) before I’m actually running out of storage. I’m waiting for the next epoch to turn off my node and I’ll tell here when it it back up.

[edit] I’m back computing nodes :slight_smile:


I just goOffline 2 hours ago because p2p.legal domain is migrating from online.net to Gandi, during a few days.
Hugo is also goOffline cause a space disk to increase.

So actually Elois is the only validator…

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You don’t need to have a reachable dns, you can set up your libp2p endpoint with an IP by adding this line in your compose:

  - "--public-addr=/ip4/${SERVER_IP}/tcp/30333/p2p/${PEER_ID}"

I just configured my node as a validator and went online using ğcli.

ğcli has some new commands:

  • update-keys: rotate keys and set session keys
  • go-online: checks whether the accounts has session keys before sending the extrinsic
  • go-offline

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i’m online again.

Think to name your nodes: Polkadot Telemetry

      - "--name"
      - "poka-validator"
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