Ğecko translations

Hi @kapis @scanlegentil and @spanish-translators, could you finish to translate this file please ?

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Thank you @Eloitor for this first part of the spanish translation of Ğecko mobile :slight_smile:

This is merged.


You are welcome. I would like to work on the catalan translation too

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Sure, you just have to copy the file es.json to catalan.json, and translate :slight_smile:

I saw that “wallet” had been translated as “billetera” . But I think we used “monedero” on Cesium v1. I don’t know which is more used.

For “chest” I made the choice to the words “caja fuerte” . But “cofre” doesn’t sound so bad.

@poka can you tell me if there is not a small ambiguity about the value of “currentWallet”: “My current chest”.

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I chose to put everything in the 2nd person plural “tu” rather than the 3rd person singular “usted” (= “vous” in French as a form of politeness).

I have a small doubt about the end of “areYouSureYouWantToCertify”: “¿Estás seguro de que quiere certificar la dirección\n\n{}?”, because of the question mark. Will it not disrupt the code.

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