Great project there! Big up!

Hello everyone, i just discovered your project. I’m a node js and bitcoin enthusiast so i think that your project is kinda amazing!

Would like ot know where i can find a detailed guida on how uCoin works. The basic and the way it works all together.

Please link me a thread in the event there is something similar around.

Thanks and keep up this nice project.

Are you on any exchange at the moment?


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Welcome on our forums! And thanks for your congrats :smile:

About knowing the fundamentals: I suggest you to read the website first, notably Theoretical & FAQ.

If you then want to dig more in the details, I suggest you the protocol. It is still under redaction, however it starts to reach a satisfying maturity. And you can have a look at the concrete HTTP API uCoin will handle in its early days.

I know you might still be confused after all that, but we do not have a real “guide” for newcomers yet.

If you have some questions after reading, do not hesitate to post them.

BTW, may I ask you how you discovered you project?

Thanks for your fast reply! I’ll give a look at those links.

Btw i discovered the project searching on github for node js related repos. I’m a node.js developer too, and cryptocoin enthusiast and professional.

Having node and cryptos blend together for me it’s amazing.

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Reading now the Protocol. Cool stuff. Hope to understand and can help you too!

Do you have any Skype contact? In the event you want to share it please send me in PVT.


Have a look on FAQ !
It answers many questions !

Welcome !

Hey - I also just found the project und I am SUPER EXCITED since for more than 2 years now I have a very similar idea in mind.

Basically I want to create also a currency where all money is created as a “basic income” and with the properties you described (every user gets always a certain percentage of the full monetary supply) I wrote a proposal for that here:

I will now read now more about the topic and I am sure I will come up with a lot of questions soon!