GUI Client "Cutecoin"

Hello there,

If you didnt know about it, I developped a ucoin client a while ago when we were still using amendments and voting-sheme blockchains :

I will update my code to adapt it to the new API.

I’m opening this topic so we can discuss a few things.

Firstly, the features side. The client has these goals :

  • Ucoin account management via wallets and communities

  • Multi-currency / Multi-community
    The client must be able to manage multiple ucoin communities and currencies.

  • Multi-wallets
    The user must be able to define “wallets”. Wallets are keys which can receive and send money. A wallet can be defined as the wallet which receives UD. Thus, the user can check its signatures and see if his membership in the community is sure and safe or not.

  • Contacts
    The user must be able to add public keys defining contacts he send money often.

  • User-friendly transaction
    The UI to transfer money must be easy to use. The UD receiving must be transparent.

  • Community membership management via a signing interface
    The UI must permit the user to sign another user, thus declaring his trust in another key.

If you have features to suggest or if you think one feature should be changed, you are at the right place to talk about it !

And finally the development side. I heard about two developpers willing to help (Caner and vit I guess ? :slight_smile: ).
Caner, I’d like to know if you could update your python API. ( ) It was great and it’d be cool if you could take some time to finalize it !
Vit, I heard you wanted to work on a Qt client too. I suggest we join our forces so that the work could be easier and better.

And finally, if anyone has something to suggest, or is willing to help, I suggest that we talk about it right here :smile:

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I know that @vit (vit) has already developed a screen displaying WoT links, graphviz-like, without graphviz dependencies.

I don’t know exactly how this work could be merged, neither if it is usable yet (HTTP API is rather poor for now). Vit will tell you :slight_smile:

The signing interface should be a visual graph with identities as nodes and signatures as edges.

  • Graph is browsable by clicking on the identity we want to display in the center of the graph.
  • Edges can have colors and/or style to indicate the expiration countdown, and a tooltip with expiration date.
  • A search field allows to search for an identity to sign.
  • Display the path between the current wallet identity and the selected identity to see degree of trust between them.

The last feature need to have all the graph in memory to calculate. May be it shouldn’t be calculated in the client but in the ucoin node…

The first draft of the visual graph is fonctionnal and ready to be included in cutecoin.
Only the neighbours of a selected/searched identity are displayed.

  • Expire date are displayed on edges as tooltip.
  • Public keys are displayed on nodes as tooltip.
  • A context menu allow to sign a node.
  • A combobox allow to search for an uid or a public key.
  • A « me » button return to my identity node.
  • Signatures close to expire are shown as pink dashlines.