Having Trouble with uCoin for Windows

I am using Sakia currently, and I am a bit perplexed about how to start a node. It seems as if uCoin is biased towards Ubuntu (which I do not have).

Is there any way to set up a node on Windows?
Is there a command-line client for Windows?

The introduction to uCoin states that the Windows binaries are all-in-one, yet there is absolutely no guide (that I have found) that supports this claim.

If there is a guide to uCoin, I would appreciate a link.

Thanks you in advance.

P.S. Why am I not seeing a wallet tab in Sakia? Is it an Ubuntu-only feature?

Hello Idyllei,

No there is no build of uCoin on Windows right now, so I’ve just added an issue to remember it.

Also Sakia does not embed a uCoin node, so you won’t be able to start one from it. However you should be able to connect to existing nodes & do all what we can do on any Linux distribution can do: Sakia is cross-plateform.

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having trouble with windows, thats a normal state with windows, so a feature :slightly_smiling:
but thankfully installing gnu linux / unbuntu is going very quick in our times and can even coixist with windows :wink:
unbuntu mint is recommended when you are used to windows, looks very similar, but makes lot less trouble and does not slow the computer that much :slightly_smiling:

and for sure the best combination with freedom respecting money is a freedom respecting operation system :slightly_smiling:
epecially with windows 10 now nearly spying on everything you do:

Yeah. I only use Windows because it is all I’ve ever used. I’ll see what I can do to dual-install Ubuntu (Mint) on my machine. (VirtualBox is pretty slow for me).

Needless to say, I opted out of Cortana and data collection as soon as I installed Windows 10. I don’t appreciate corporate entities spying on my personal life.

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