Hello I'm new and I have a project to develop in my little free time

Hello, my name is Ernesto,

I’m new to these lands, in fact, I still don’t have junas and I do not know much about the currency, the only idea that I have very clear, is that before having them, I want to make an electronic wallet (dongle Wallet) to store the junas and for that I need to know if there is an API for Celsius to connect the future device to it and make the transfer of junas, that will be the basics, I have more features in mind.
I’m engineer in Electronic in Computer Machines and I work mainly designing embedded systems.

Thanks for everything.

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Hello Ernesto, I wish you welcom to this community :slight_smile:

we surely need people with your skills.

Maybe you should consider reading a little to get your idea about June / Ğ1 get more precise.

on discourse Forum, you can use the magnifier tool to search through the forum database :wink:

Which kind of API are you looking for?
What’s your wallet project about? A software? A hardware?

There is the BMA wallet API which I would not advice to build on top of it today, since it will be deprecated. New wallet APIs are going to take over, but they are in pre-development.

Hello Moul,

My project is focused on the hardware.
I need to develop a comunicación protocol between a software wallet and hardware wallet device. In this case I see the Cesium app, and for my first probe of concept can be useful.
I’m focused now on the software layer because I have already defined the hardware’s concept.
Thanks for your information.