Help me become Member TestNet

Salut a tous. Hi everybody.

I am going to prepare myself to learn how to install a Duniter node by using a member test, so I can experiment better to how to keep it updated and nicely configured. Could any of you certificate my G1-TEST member account: HGuKgbo7s8wjKF8gQwpdPQGG8mLW9vNMq1ZFxMEZgD8c

Thanks! Merci beacoup!

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Oooh, a fellow english speaker!

Welcome Kapis.

I dont have a g1-test node setup yet, but if I did, id certainly certify your account. Others will come do that for you soon Im sure.

While Im here, Id just like to plug my own project, which is aimed at attracting/guiding fellow english geeks. So far Ive been learning since May, 9, 2020… and keeping my thoughts/code/docs at the url below:
I’ve set a goal for myself to have something useful by mid January 2021.

Enjoy your journey, all the best!

OK, @kapis j’ai certifié avec mes 3 comptes de test.

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