Hola caracola! (aitorjs presentation)


I’m aitorjs. I had been in the iberian conference and there I met Stéphane and other members of the iberian community. I don’t know French.

I’m a software developer, mainly in javascript (backend (express / loopback4) and frontend (vuejs. I used angular. I dont like it;)). I use python a litle bit with bitcoin test framework. I don’t know rust, not c++.

I want to help in the development of G1. I prefer to help on the « backend » part of substrate than on the frontend part for now. I have the envirotment ok to start and in the last step of « Create Your First Substrate Chain ». I want to learn a bit about substrate and start looking rust code and maybe start learning rust.

I speek with Stéphane that I will install substrate and play a bit with it and I will document what I get. As I see, this is advanced (nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab). So maybe is better to start reading and doing the substrate tutorials and docs and maybe then try to help on the « new duniter »?

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Hello @aitorjs, welcome !

Yes this is definitly the best thing to do :slight_smile:

As you want, but if you speak javascript you should be able to have a look around the substrate javascript library:

To help @kimamila to build Cesium V2 which use Angular (sad if you don’t like … ^^) or myself on Gecko, which is Flutter/dart, but will probably use javascript wrapping for the API.

If you never did C/C++/Rust, maybe you will take a long time to learn it, then learn the way substrate use it to build this framework. But this is great and exciting, and very useful !

Our main core developer, @elois , is actualy busy, we need him to continue this proof of concept, and agree on the nexts step, so we hope a big online meeting on the beginning of October.

Sadly we use to speak french in theses meeting, but we should start to speak english as english non-french speakers are coming :slight_smile: