How does WOT prevent sybil attacks?

doing a couple of g1 talks for an english speaking community here.
wondered if there was any information/resources relating to how the WOT prevents sybil attacks… it’s likely a question that will come up.

whether there are any videos in english (or subtitles) or articles explaining how WOT mitigates this.

The main article about the WoT is Deep dive into the web of trust, which talks about how the distance rule mitigates Sybil attacks.

You can also search for Sybil attack detection in networks, in scientific literature, to see if some paper is applicable to our case. I don’t know if someone already did this here.

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great. thanks tuxmain… i remember reading this article some months back, maybe not in depth… but forgot about it… will revisit… looks very thorough alright. appreciate it.