How to access BMA on my own Duniter node installed on YunoHost?

Hey I’m from Barcelona, I’m member of G1 and I just install a node of Duniter in my RaspberryPi 4 (Yunohost). I see it in this list of nodes like ‹ Accès privé › and I can not connect with it in the Cesium App. What I have to do to make public my node and make Spanish people be able to connect with it?

(Sorry for my English, my French is worst jeje)

Thanks to all the developers and community!

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Hola Sheveck,

Unfortunately BMA is no longer accessible from Duniter app for YunoHost from YunoHost v3.7.
The discussion have been held in French: BMA protégé derrière le SSO depuis YunoHost v3.7?

I didn’t had time to dig this issue.
If you want more details or explanation, and you don’t get the French post I can tell you more about the issue, or translating any part of it.

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Hello @Sheveck :slight_smile:

You don’t need to go through yunohost (it’s a useless overlay).
You can directly install Duniter 1.8.0 on your raspberry pi 4 via the debian arm package: (choose Raspbian Buster).

The debian package doesn’t suffer from the bug that moul is talking about (a bug specific to Yunohost), so you can have a « public » Duniter node on rpi4 without any problem. :wink:

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You are right people can install Duniter without YunoHost overlay directly on a pure Debian.

I am pretty sure this is not YunoHost and duniter_ynh’s user point of view. They can testify here. There wouldn’t have been that much duniter_ynh users otherwise.

If you have anything against YunoHost or duniter_ynh usage, please tell it, and we will fix it. But, please stop discouraging people of using it. Like for security reason as the fact that they would need a lot sysadmin experience otherwise they would have their instance hacked.

This package is really making life easier: Installing, properly configuring, using a domain name, installing a service, gives access to Duniter web admin interface behind the SSO. There is a single bug, important for sure, and you are asking a user to install it by its own. Why? Everybody doesn’t have time to understand every aspects of Duniter at the first place to configure it properly as this package would do.

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I don’t discourage people from using it, I’m just saying that he doesn’t need to go through yunohost, and that using the debian package directly would solve his problem, that’s all :slight_smile:

It’s true that I’ve never understood the usefulness of yunohost, all I see is that it’s an overlayer that regularly causes problems, and moreover presents risks with users who don’t take the time to learn how to secure their server properly.

Since anyone who self-hosts anyway must spend some time to make sure their server is secure, you might as well learn directly how to use a debian server or other distrib based on it (ubuntu server, etc), you will have less problems and more freedom :wink:

Of course everyone uses what they want, but I find it a shame to say to a Duniter user: « sorry this doesn’t work », when it works very well and it’s just the yunohost overlay that causes problems.

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That’s duniter_ynh packaging which didn’t follow YunoHost evolutions. It’s a duniter_ynh issue, not a YunoHost’s.
That’s the same as if you find a bug in i.e. Firefox or whatever package in your distribution, and you say: « this software doesn’t work ». Reporting the issue and helping the packager, is much appreciated, than running away. Of course, that’s not an issue from Duniter upstream project, but from the packaging itself, you don’t need to take any responsibility on that. Upstream projects developers usually don’t have time to take care of downstream packaging. If there is a packaging issue, it should be on packagers’ shoulders, not on the upstream project developers. To avoid any « shame », help is welcome on the packaging.

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Ey mercis!

I installed this

And when I write

duniter start

there’s an error:

/usr/bin/duniter: line 36: /opt/duniter//node/bin/node: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
/opt/duniter//node/bin/node v10 is required

Do you now what happens? Thanks

Have you look at the documentation wiki ?

Yes, it is the embedded nodejs that is corrupted or not adapted to your system or architecture.

As you have an rpi4 I assumed you were on Raspbian buster but apparently this is not the case.
What does uname -a give?

Thank you Yunohost to host all my duniter nodes (and other stuff) for so many years.
I’m confident that this problem will be solved some time. In the meantime, duniter is working, only a function isn’t.

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Linux 5.4.51-v7l+ #1333 SMP Mon Aug 10 16:51:40 BST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

Ok I think you’re on Rasbian 9 (Stretch) instead of 10 (Buster). To be definitely sure you can run the command cat /etc/os-release, I think that for you the first line looks like :

PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (Stretch)" `.

If yes, then uninstall Duniter (apt remove duniter) then reinstall with the package for Rasbian stretch :

@Sheveck, the issue to access BMA should be fixed on Duniter package for YunoHost.

Thanks for your help @elois & @Moul

It returns me that:

PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"

No problem if you want to work with the issue in the future. For now, I will keep my node connected in private acces.


Ok so it’s the package that is corrupted, you have to uninstall and re-download it.