How to get the map updated with the recently joined members?

Hi @ManUtopiK, may you please update the map available at Ğ1: Repensando la creacion del dinero… ¡y experimentándola! with the latest Cesium+ profile info? I got the info that the last update was in 20 November 2022.

Is there an automatic process running these updates or does it have do be done manually?
I wonder if I could assist somehow in this process…either by pressing/creating a button to update or contributing to develop some automated process, if possible.

Hi @diogocsc and welcome here !

The map only pulls members data from
This is a service built by @poka
I don’t know why it’s not up to date.
@poka an idea ?

Yes, I explained this many times here and on forum ML.

This is related to this topic: Dockerisation duniter 1.9

We need more GVA nodes.
Also, for this function, jaklis need to be whitelite on the GVA used node.

For now we didn’t launch GVA node on axiom infra (where g1stats is), cause this dockerisation is new from @Pini and @aya .

G1stats is mess off, maybe we should just insert geoloc on v2s indexer now, and connect your map on ?