How to help Juniter's development

You are an experienced Java developer, a nerd or just a very nice person, motivated and you want to dig, code, understand the core of Duniter’s blockchain ?

Our team (I, so far) would be happy to welcome You

  • Juniter is a java based implementation of Duniter
  • Juniter is just another implementation of the protocol.
  • Juniter is written for fun but may become a group project.
  • Juniter can be made nice, tidy and publicly available if you are interested to help


You can help on the following axis of development :

  • Tests
    • clone, build & run
    • start filling the issue queue
  • Java
    • Peer checking, the code needs another pair of eyes
    • Implements some of missing functionalities
  • Grammar:
    • Tidy, enhance, clean
    • Generates binary parsers in serveral languages.
    • Externalise to a different repository.
  • Continuous Integration
    • Migrate to « THE? » gitlab
    • release and deploy on a test server
    • proper licensing
  • Duniter specific
    • WOT algorithms
    • Handle forks
    • WS2P
    • More unit testing
  • Graphic design
    • pedagogical graphic tool to see the Blockchain live and « how it really works »
    • A logo
  • No skills required
    • help on the vizualization tool, suggestion, options, features
    • Documentation: advice, write, enhance
  • Project management, communication. aka: handle me if you can

For any help received on those areas, I’m ready to participate some of my money because… I personaly value this **** !

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