HowTo create your own Duniter currency using Yunohost

As you may know, I slightly differ from the direction Duniter wants to take it’s flagship cryptocoin.
I want a 2% yearly interest rate and a top-down national verification process. The first milestone being to test if Duniter’s can support my vision of a top-down verification process by only tweaking the parameters.

So I’m thinking of turning this thread into a blog/howto for how I go on about it.

So far my list is:

  1. Have a g1-test node running. (Succes)
  2. Get familair with Duniter’s terminology
  3. …?
  4. Generate block zero
  5. Somehow convince people to join test the coin
  6. Run the test successfully, if it does not work as intended, try to fork the project.
  7. Somehow convince eID (and my government) to become part of and adopt the coin.
  8. run the coin.
  9. Somehow convince the whole of EU to join.
  10. Mission accomplished