Important: renew your membership!

As you may know, membership have an expiration date: on ZB currency, it has a 1 month validity duration.

For the very first members ( @vit, @Inso, @ManUtopiK and me), this means our join membership will expire on 8/1/2015 at 9:51, blockchain time, which is in less than a day.

If you do not renew your membership, you will be kicked from the community and no more be a member, until you join back. During that time, you won’t be able to certify people neither to co-create your Universal Dividend.

To renew your membership, simply update vucoin:

$ sudo npm install -g vucoin

and send a renew command:

$ ucoin --salt <salt> --passwd <pass> -h -p 9101 renew <uid> --send

If no error was printed and only the membership document is shown, its ok ?

You have forgotten the --send option. So it’s not ok!

I did the command, but there was nothing back!
How to know if I correctly renew my membership ?

You have a message “Successfully sent renew membership” if things went well.

But now it is too late for you, you have been kicked from the WoT by non-renewal of your membership.

To join back:

$ ucoin --salt <salt> --passwd <pass> -h -p 9101 join <uid> --send

Note that you won’t be able to be reintegrated into the WoT, since you also need 3 signatures from current WoT members (your previous signatures from inso, vit and I are expired and cannot be renewed before 1 more month).