Improving translations system


How do you think about using Tranlatex or any other similar tools to let non coder users to contribute?

For example, Delta Chat software, where I translate to Catalan, has 2 subprojects, one for the app (Desktop, Android and iOS clients) and a second for the website. So it’s easy to translate all this stuff.

It would be wonderful if duniter and even monnaie-libre web sites could be translated. And Cesium and the future Substract clients, with the other useful tools (Gmix, Gmonit, etc.).


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We had in the past a self-hosted instance of Weblate for the translations of all interfaces.
Too much maintenance effort was required and we gave up.
That would be a great thing to have it back for the whole Duniter ecosystem.
On the project level, like for Cesium, it’s possible to decide to use Transifex, this have to be checked with the repository’s maintainer.

Maybe a self-hosted instance is not a good idea (for the effort). What about a hiring 3th part hosted service? Transifex, weblate, etc.

Even, if necessary, I could build a service payable 100% with G1 :slight_smile:


You should propose a crowd-funding for that idea!

Why not, simply, use Duniter funds?

Hello Joam,
Please explain what you refer to.

A new remuneration cycle will start in december. You can be remunerated using this funds if nobody disagree. (I just need to know the pubkey to send the transaction to)

Do you think you are going to start working on this within the next 4 months? If yes, you will be remunerated from 20 UD to 100 UD per month like any technical contributor. (no pressure, no engagement :slight_smile: )

In the case we become dependent of this server, we would need some guaranties:

  • at least someone else (trusted) has access to it (in order to increase the bus factor, and to solve sync problems with our GitLab);
  • we can keep it or restart it somewhere else if some day you stop hosting the server.

Hi, I could start as soon as needed.

About the guaranties:

  • I can share with you access to the backup server, where you can download/sync the code+ddbb to reply the service elsewhere if needed.
  • About the trusted access: I can give access to the /var/www/…/our_service folder (I use Debian servers, and Ispconfig for the hosting stuff), but not access to the server root, because it’s a shared instance (with some other of my projects). We could have an instance just for this service, but then the hosting and maintenance is higher. In this case, I have no problems to share the access and even the « work » with anyone else interested :wink:

About costs, I can use a 15DU/hour rate (it’s my standard rate, 15€/h for « nice »/social projects, when not working pro bono). So I think once the service is running, it requires just a few hours to maintenance for security updates, migrations when needed, etc. If there is a peak of work, I can earn the DU using 2 months, etc. but I think it will cost less than 1.200DU/yearly (that will be about 90h!!). But, you know, what about incidences, new requirements, etc? No idea by now :slight_smile: But in my experience, stable running serves requires little maintenance time yearly (5, 10, 20h?). Anyway, I’m not offering this to you to « earn money », just to « practice » the june economy :wink:

Ps.: I forget hosting costs: for a shared server, 6DU/month could be fine (depending of space required): (1Gb)



Just starting the Weblate setup. What about use URL? Is it OK? We could make a CNAME register to point, then I could migrate the server to another, as needed, without require DNS changes on the domain…

If there is a better way, just tell me it!

First step already done:


  • backups
  • https
  • use stadard port (80 http)

By the way. Weblate can send Borg backups to any Borg backup repo. I’ve set up a first backup repo, mine, but the goal would be it to send backups to any repos you (the Duniter community) set.

We can work on it as soon as you can :wink: I just need to know the repo URL and your repo should accept my ssh public key (I’ve tested it on Borgbase, and it was very easy).

@tuxmain The Weblate seems run stable for some months. Now a new project is going to use it (the TRM translation to Italian and Spanish):

What about set the there?

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All TODO tasks are done!

But I should share with some of the developers the access to the backup borg repo. If any of you share with me their public ssh keys I can add them to the borg repo.

Then, maybe could be a good idea try to regenerate a weblate clone using the backup, just to test all is OK with the backup :wink:

I suppose any translator project manager can backup/export all translated strings, to avoid loose work if anything fails with the server…

:warning: the domain name for gitlab is and not You have to fix it so that we can use gitlab authentication instead of a dedicated weblate account.

I think I’ve just fixed it. Could you test it?

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The OAuth integration between GitLab and Weblate is working.
You can use your GitLab account on Weblate!


Wow! Great!