Installation sécurisée de Cesium

Bonjour, je suis nouveau ici. Et je ne sais pas parler français, j’utilise un traducteur : ).

Je suis allé télécharger Cessium et je n’ai pas trouvé de paquet signé (OpenPGP).

Y a-t-il des paquets signés ?
Si oui, où ?
Et où puis-je trouver la clé publique de la personne ou de l’équipe de développement ?

J’ai également cherché l’application dans F-Droid mais je ne l’ai pas trouvée.

Comme je suis très lent avec le français, j’apprécierais si vous pouviez me dire exactement où je dois aller pour suggérer que les paquets d’installation sont signés (GPG) et aussi que l’application est disponible dans le dépôt F-Droid.

Merci beaucoup!

Welcome @amuza !

Quel est ton langage préféré ?
What is your favorite language?

As I don’t know, I will respond in English.

There is no PGP signed package of cesium. As far as I know, It was discussed, but never done.
The developer is @kimamila.

I do not know his PGP key nor if he has one. You can find his duniter key in Cesium.

The fdroid package is here :

Hey @vit,

Thank you for your message. I can speak English, thank you!

I do not understand why Cessium packages are not signed. Do you know the reason?

I think it would be nice if they were signed. We could keep safe the developers public key so that we can trust future builds.

And it would be nice too if those who know the developers public key (and have verified it is actually theirs) could sign it and upload it to a key server. I might not know the developers public key, but I might know one of their signers’. That is the OpenPGP Web Of Trust, which is used on every Free Software requiring a minimum of Security.

Hi @kimamila, why Cessium builds are not OpenPGP-signed?

Thank you very much!

Why ? No time to do it! And so many other tasks to do…
But Cesium is now build from the gitlab CI. Maybe you could help add a task, in the .gitlab-ci.yml file ?

Hi @kimamila , thank you for the info.
Unfortunately I do not know how to do it, don’t know about this CI thing.
With the info on your message I have been asking around to see if someone could help, but so far I have nothing : (
I wish someone could address this issue, I think it is an important one.
If I ever learn how to do it -and have time enough-, I will do it.