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I tried with moul2 account, but it only propose me to save the document on my computer. Does Sakia sent it on the network?


The publication is in Account>Advanced menu.


Ok, I sent moul2 to the daemon :smiling_imp:


Seems moul2 is definitely revoked!


Yep, moul2 is no more member \o/
Well done guys :heart_eyes:


New release introducing last features for 0.20 version :

Next new features will be included in release 0.21.

There is a bug warning you too early that your identity could be revoked if no membership would be sent soon. You can ignore it. It will be fixed in next release.


Hi guys,

my name is Hugo and I’m from Paisley, Scotland. I am a member of BIEN local organization in Scotland - and I want to promote Universal Basic Income in Paisley. I have registered a facebook group and a twitter account for that purpose but both are completely blank and empty at the moment.

I would like to be certified and start testing the currency, but don’t know for sure where to begin. This is probably a wrong place for my message, but can anyone, please, point me to the right one?

I have registered on Sakia and my account name is Hugo. What do I do to get certified?

Thanks in advance!


Just create a thread in the forum with some URL to identify you (Diaspora*, FB, twitter, blog…), and put your pubkey and UID just like this one.