Limit renewals impact on storage

Each certification has an entry in the storage item StorageCertsRemovableOn, and each time it is renewed, a new one is added without deleting the previous one. Since I fixed the (main) certification renewal (

  • it was not handled at all !159
  • it was not taking into account certification period !165

), the problem is mitigated, but for membership renewal, there is no rate limit and each renewal leads to a new entry in the storage item MembershipsExpireOn allowing spam to grow the size of this storage a lot.

Related subjects:

My current idea is that every renewal (cert, membership, or other) should unschedule the removal before scheduling a new removal. This is necessary and not a lot of work.


This subject was resolved by refac membership renewal (!166) · Merge requests · nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab.

It eventually remains the (mitigated) StorageCertsRemovableOn certification problem, tracked by Unschedule certifications (#110) · Issues · nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab.

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Thanks for tracking this, I completely forgot that I had worked on that :smiley: