List of basic income projects / Liste de projets de monnai libre

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I found some other very interesting projects on basic income (I’m not sure about the difference between basic income and free money).
J’ai trouvé d’autres projets très intéressants sur le revenu de base (je ne suis pas sûr de la différence entre le revenu de base et l’argent gratuit).

You can find them here:
Tu trouve lui ici:

But because I’m a nice person, I’m also listing them bellow:
Mais parce que je suis une personne agréable, je les ai également énumérés ci-dessous:

    • (old version of Duniter)
      It is basically groups where each group is a WoT with different WoT rules. And each group has its own blockchain and currency.
      Il s’agit essentiellement de groupes où chaque groupe est un WoT avec différentes règles. Et chaque groupe a sa propre blockchain et sa monneai.
      A frontend (app) for a basic income currency. The underlying currency is not specified yet. (Could be Duniter?!)
      Une interface (application) pour une devise de revenu de base. La devise sous-jacente n’est pas encore spécifiée. (Peut-être Duniter ?!)
    • (german)
      Basic income is payed in €. The money is collected by voluntary donations, voluntary tax/affiliate revenue.
      Le revenu de base est payé en €. L’argent est collecté par des dons volontaires, des revenus volontaires / des revenus d’affiliation.
      Basic income based on voluntary transaction fees of receiver/ aka VAT.
      Revenu de base basé sur les frais de transaction volontaire du destinataire.
    • (currently not continued)
      A similar proposal to circles - extended in a way that currencies can also be created for other things like creating a public good and not only “being a human”.
      Une proposition similaire aux circles - L’argent puissent également être créées pour d’autres choses comme la création d’un bien public et pas seulement personnes.
    • https://groupcurrency.org30
      A generic definition/framework for basic income cryptocurrencies. Duniter is listed as an implementation of Group Currency.
      Une définition / cadre générique pour les cryptocurrents de revenus de base. Duniter est répertorié comme une mise en œuvre de la devise du groupe.
    • http://ovie.io29
      Somewhat similar to “mein-grundeinkommen”. However - it is meant to be more sustainable. Basically companies make a voluntary decision to give x% of their revenue to the project. The Project will use 70% of the money to pay out basic incomes. Half to people that are randomly chose and half to people in 3rd world countries. The other 30% are used to fund new businesses that will give 10% of their revenue back to the project.
      Semblable à “mein-grundeinkommen”. Les entreprises prennent une décision volontaire de donner x% de leurs revenus au projet. Le projet utilisera 70% de l’argent pour payer les revenus de base. Demi pour les personnes qui choisissent au hasard et à moitié pour les personnes dans les pays du 3ème monde. Les 30% restants servent à financer de nouvelles entreprises qui remettront 10% de leurs revenus au projet.
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    Coins are redistributed monthly, the network taxes your wallet every 10 min. A facebook robot is used to validate profiles.

Merci google traduteur pour m’aider avec ce test! :yum:

Hi there,

uCoin is the older name for Duniter so it is the same project :wink:

One of the essential difference between a basic income and libre currency is that the universal dividend (in libre currency) is exactly the monetary creation shared equally to ell members in space and time and has no intention to provide “enough to live properly” (nor more nor less). It may be equivalent to a basic income if the value of the currency happens to fit, i.e. if “universal dividend value” is at least “enough to live properly”. Which would be nice, of course but is currently not the case (e.g. 1 kg carrots has been sold for 23 (dayly) UDs recently if I remember well, but I also bought a hand knitted Totoro puppet for 13 dayly UDs).

Thanks for the list anyway, I’ll try to give it a go when I have more time

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Please, take care of translations made with this tool. For instance, this one is a big mistake:

I could advice you this great automatic translation tool:
But, it’s also great if you speak English. We can all speak English and it will force the project to get out from French side.

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I second @Moul on the bad translations of translators in general (in fact, that sentence was correct in my opinion, since the translator doesn’t know about “monnaies libres” yet). They are sometimes even the opposite of what you are trying to say. :slight_smile: Better stick to English here. I think most of us understand it.

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Well, even in English, I tend to use libre currency rather than free monney :slight_smile:

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@Moul I’m just trying to integrate! The whole community speaks french, so the bare minimum I can do is to make an effort. I appologise for the mistakes though.

But well, the point is rather to have more examples of similar projects and see what we can learn from them.

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