MANGOS | Just another relative prototype currency

I have created a demo/prototype currency with meteor.js for the web, quickly demonstrating the concept of a relational currency, for those, who are not able to install CuteCoin for what ever reason.

Great idea ! For short andfast demonstration purposes it’s great ! :slight_smile:

How much people would you need on this platform ?

I created an account but I cannot do anything.
Maybe, you need to validate my profile ?

@greyzlii, since a relational currency is tightly coupled to its members and the MANGO distribution is based on the amount of real and unique people in a network of trust, I decided for simplicity in the beginning, that you will have to login with facebook as a substitute for your verification process. Since I am not a real programmer, this is the easiest way for me to get the real name and a profile image in the plug and play way (only name profile image and gender is fetched) and simulates a real world meetup/handshake. This is allowing me to create a nice drop down when selecting the receiver during a transaction:

On the long run this will be of course exchanged with a more complex and true webOfTrust certification method, like you are running it it with Meta_Brouzouf

@Inso, the amount of People doesn’t matter in my point of view. If someone would like to try its great and helps all of us to learn from the simulation its consequences. So, up to each individual :wink:

Hello, … The site is loading … Retrying in 29,28,27 … Since this morning :hourglass:

Is it down?

Hey @tierce,
this is just the DemoServer from the meteor community. I will have to host it myself, in order to get it into a more reliable situation. This will take some time, since I am currently working at the same time.
I have verified you, so Mangos are already being distributed to your account. On the weekend, I will change the signup process, so you will be able to make transactions, even if you just registered with mail.
Best so far, Sam

@greyzlii, @tierce, @Inso ,
I have updated the login and verification mechanism, so now, you will be able to make transactions with non Facebook signups.
And I added a verification button. So once you are verified you will be able to verify other people as well.

@cgeek I just verified you

Hello, I’m in … need to be verified :grin:

there you go!
i just changed your username to “tierce” only, since there is no need for email signup, so your login will be:
user: tierce
pw: your chosen pw

So, I have done some hard-working over the last days and there is progress to report:
A new landing page for the mangos project at:
Mangos is now self hosted at

Verification is currently very basic and simple:
Step1: Login with Facebook
Step2: get verified by a verified member
Step3: Receive you Universal Dividend
Other things to do currently:

  • Start projects and do tasks in order to get shares from you project.
  • Give mangos to other projects and thus thanking them for their time with your delicious Mangos

if Verify(nopyramidalscheme(step1)) = true {continue();} else {stopall();};
end of run

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Since I am just starting to get into programming and don’t really have a clue about it yet, this is currently the simplest automated way for me to quickly get a real name and the picture in addition to not taking care about email signup and password recovery. Once there is time and I am better at programming, I will take care of that and throw that step out, or maybe someone might help out, but for the moment I have other priorities.
About pyramid or not, I was thinking to get things better started, begin with pyramid, then change over to a complete flat structure, but you are right, no pyramid at all.
So before I continue with advancing the verification model, I wait for this discussion to be finalized:

and then start working on that again, in order to skip double work.

It’s an old discussion, but I think the choices have been finalized since.
The rules parameters are :

  • Minimum number of certification
  • Maximum distance path from every members
  • Expiration time of links
  • Minimum time between 2 link creation from one individual
  • Maximum number of links issued by one individual

I hope I’m not forgotting anything here. (We need a in ucoin doc repository to document this…)

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Thank you, thats a great list.