Meetup in Brussel on basic income coins

I know u-coin is not claiming to provide an basic income but I think this event might still be very relevant for you:

The first event will give an overview of Bitcoin and digital currencies that add the idea of a basic income (or money per person) including u-coin. The second event will be on May 18th and there I will introduce “Circles” with is a project very similar to u.coin.

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Circles is probably the closest project from uCoin as of today, it will be very interesting to meet you.

I’ve heard you will be here to present Circles during next Freedom Money Meeting in France: for sure I will be there to listen to you.

But there. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can not make it in person to the Freedom Money Meeting - I will already be back in California by then. However - if it makes sense I would be very happy to join per video call.

Is there any chance that you can make it to Brussel on the 18th or the Berlin on the 17th? I discovered that e.g. flights from Berlin to Brussel are for both ways just 20€. And I am pretty sure we can host you somewhere in both places.

Why not a video conference for you - I am not the organizer of FMM, maybe it is what is planned.

I won’t go to Brussel anyway, I am just not under sharing & meeting mode yet (also I need to train my vocal english and all if I want this meeting to be really productive for both parts). But it will someday, that’s an absolutely sure statement. :slight_smile: If this meetup is still on at that time, I will probably come there.