Members Map in English

Here is the first topic of the English Translation section/category ! :slight_smile:
@ManUtopiK do you think you could make the members map available in English ?
It would be great if people landing on website could access this map in English (we currently use an iframe for it) instead of having to explain French words and where to click…

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Hi MissSophie.
Thanks for the work you’re doing !

I registered to your website, but can’t found the iframe map…

I plan to re-write the members map with vue 3. (a javascript frontend framework. It actually use vue 2). And turn it to a component, it will add the ability to insert it in the main website easy and everywhere we want more easily with simple parameters.

I have so many other stuffs to do, but maybe it’s the good time to do it and add translation to the map.
Tell me when you want to release your site ? Just to know where I can put this in my busy schedule…

Sweet! Thank you for your quick reply!
We are going to release it this week, at least big chunk (intro page, FAQ, Glossary, ressources, etc.) which could be improved in the coming months. So there is no rush but the sooner the better :slight_smile:

Yes, we currently use Yeswiki tool for the website as it was the simplest I could find and understand… So I have to moderate it myself, or other members of the Team could do it too, when someone new wants to join (I agree, not an ideal set up but couldn’t find better…). I just confirmed your profile so you should be able to access all the pages now; and then to see the yeswiki code in a page, you just need to double click on the page. Also, FYI, all the pages that are not ready yet are not visible to the public, you need to be part of the team to see it. I will make it public this week.

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