Meta_Brouzouf is over! Next stage coming!

Dear users, experimenters, developers!

This is now official, Metab_Brouzouf currency is over!

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Ben zut alors … voila à peine 24h que j’ai démarré un ucoind 0.14.2 … j’ai même pas écris un block parce que je suis pas membre :grin:

Pas grave ce sera pour une prochaine étape! Merci en tout cas pour ce qui est fait jusqu’ici! :thumbsup:

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I’m exited about what’s coming next.
Few questions:

  • Have you chosen a new name for uCoin?
  • Who is making Cesium cross platform software? It sounds very interesting.
  • Do you believe that the web of trust system (in real conditions with the right parameters) would be able to be understood and used by everybody (the largest community possible)?


It’s @kimamila and @cgeek.

I don’t know.

Cesium was initially developped by me, but @kimamila made the last changes. It is almost 50/50 now :slight_smile:

I don’t know, at least we can say what it was meant for. Then we can only let humans do what they want! We’ve put rules that fit with our goals, but we can’t control everything anyway.

at last, i found how to certify people…