New Cesium release (1.7): TODO list - Help need

I try to create a new release 1.7.0 of Cesium.

Expected enhancements :

  • Add more languages :
    • Italian,
    • Deutsch,
    • Portuguese,
    • Catalan,
      • Review the i18n file www/plugins/graph/i18n/locale-es-CT.json) (copied from the es-ES file)
      • missing a license file (license/
  • All languages :
    Check for update in license files (compare from the official license repo)
  • Update the default Duniter peer list
  • Update the default Cesium+ pod list
  • Peek some changes from feature/startup_node_selection branch:
    • At first launch, ask user to select a Duniter peer.
      /!\ A Duniter peer can skip transactions indexation: is it possible to include only peers with TXs indexation?
      Possible solution: try to get some TXS from a well known account? (e.g Duniter team) BUT the TX request is quite long to response… network scan will be very slow!
    • Settings: When selected peer is down, use the default peers to scan the network, in the modal to select new peer. (For now, if the peer is down, the modal list is always empty).
    • Update Android build scripts, to be runnable over the last Android SDK tools

Helps need to finish this TODO list!


Publish a Docker image. See:

  • Fix github mirror repos (update the access token, in the gitlab Duniter)
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I guess we could add a BMA request (or a new field in an existing request) to know whether tx indexation is enabled. However:

  • it will be useful only when most of the nodes are updated;
  • if tx indexation has been disabled in the past, txs will still be missing even if it’s currently enabled.

Idea: the node could instead say its total number of indexed transactions, so the client can sort them by descending order.

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Why not in the /node/summary ? a new field like features ?


@kimamila Please see this MR.


Merged !

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I’ve created a new merge request:

It adds 2 pending tasks for the 1.7 milestone:

  • Review the i18n file www/plugins/graph/i18n/locale-es-CT.json) (copied from the es-ES file)
  • missing a license file (license/

My merge request show a “pipeline error”. I don’t know the reason.

Hi @kimamila,
don’t we have already an Italian translation in Cesium ?
BTW, we need to set a meeting time whenever you want. (aka Econolibre)

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Long comments in transactions are not visible… You have to open the raw transaction to read it.

Yes, italian language exists in Cesium :slight_smile:
See in the settings page

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How do you manage network in your App ?
Do you scan all nodes in background tasks ?
Do you use GVA or BMA API ?

At the beginning I was using only BMA in ginkgo, but when I found gva working nodes I started to use GVA.

  • I have a configurable list on server at start up,
  • I parse the networking/peers, I try to do a check to see if works, and I maintain a list of working nodes with latency and number of errors.
  • I persist the list in the client for the next use
  • on each use, I retry if something fails, and I update the number of errors.
  • periodically I check how the nodes are, and I clear the errors.
  • I still use BMA for some calls like wot lookup

I’m thinking on adding some pinning for nodes in advanced mode.

If you are interested in the details, look for the api.dart file. Probably can be improved with more g1 knowledge

I’ve just remembered, that g1nkgo also take into consideration the current block of nodes, so it choose synced nodes first.

I’d love to see a LITE mode in Cesium settings where if it’s activated… it will only do the minimal requests possible (ex. not Cesium+ connections, not my account connections, use GVA account historials, not getting the balance each time a payment is being done, etc.)

Ex. to do a transference to the key BBBBB , only a connection should be done which is the payment itself to the node… no need to know the username of the address BBBBB , etc.

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@kimamila could you review and merge my merge request if it’s OK (as I expect)


@arbocenc Done in v1.7.0 ! Please tell me if everything is OK for you

Hello @kimamila, congratulations for your work on this version, I’ve tried in browser extensions, Firefox automaticaly update, i install it on Brave and in Ubuntu, seems work, but in the android apk don’t complete the login, i’ve tried change nodes and nothing happenig, i have to force closed app, and downgrade to work with. sorry if my english is not well, but sure you can understand, thanks.

Hi @Ferpires ,

Yes, we have an issue with Android 13. Is that your version ? Tel more about your phone, please.