New in G1 (Germany)

Hey - I’m new in Cesium - G1 and like the idea, just opened an account. To test the currency is someone willing to send me 0.1 G1, I can send it back of course right away if wanted.

Pseudonym: M14
Public key: BsDgjFraw1d4p8tTaTxM9sbuj4Hd2txk8G5skzgW7sun:5Kd

And how to get certificated? I’m based in Germany. I fear I’m the first user in my area. Can the certification be done online e.g. in a video chat or via Keybase? Thanks for hints!

Hi! I sent you some Ğ1 with Ğinkgo v1.0.

We mostly do IRL certifications, that’s a guarantee of trust in the whole system. And a currency is useful if you have some people to exchange with locally! So I recommend starting a local group by sharing the idea with other people around you and when a small group exists (like 5 persons), it’s possible to invite some Ğ1-travellers like @hypericum for a weekend or so to start getting certifications.


Thanks a lot for your transaction and help! OK I’ll look around, I know some people interested in decentralised currencies. I’m close to Belgium and I’m sometimes in Spain so I might visit gatherings over there to meet people in real life.

The best place to get contacts for users is the other forum. There is a deutsch group for Germany :

There is also groups for Spain and Belgium.

The current forum is for developers and contributors. There is a lot more people able to help you on the other forum.

Welcome in the G1 community !



Es gibt regelmäßige G1-Markte in die nähe von Stuttgart, und Aachen hat auch viel Leute.
Offenburg wird auch etwas angefangen, es gibt dort Leute die Ğ1 benutzen will.


Thank you! I found a G1 gathering near Liege in Belgium, this is just 1 hour to go from here. So I’ll show up there to get in contacts and to get certifications hopefully. I have two people around me who are interested as well.

Danke! Ich habe G1 Treffen Nähe Lüttich in Belgien gesehen, das ist nur eine Stunde von mir entfernt. Da werde ich mal hingehen um Kontakte zu knüpfen und hoffentlich Zertifizierungen zu bekommen. Ich habe zwei Leute in der Nähe, die auch interessiert sind.

Bei Aachen da werde ich ein Auge drauf haben, wenn da ein Treffen ist. Ich sah einen Termin, der im April 2022 war. Stuttgart ist recht weit weg. Danke!