New to G1 - request for certification

Hi all,

I registered with G1 last week, here are my credentials:
My pubkey CvdDraJMiJ67gfJuiSea9zvpaMdXtXNzjwXfEMpbHowG
My alias: wtebbens

Co-founder and president of Free Knowledge Institute, actively working for a commons-based collaborative social and solidarity economy. Here’s more on me:

merci for the good work!

un abrazo from Barcelona


Hola hombre ! Tendrias que leer esto primero (lo traduciras automaticamente en english o en castellano como quieras), y no es une solucion acceptable pedir certificacion asi en publico, sin cononcer las personas, no es une certificacion tecnica, sino una certificacion humana entre ser humanos que se conocen.

Entonces lo que necesitas es pedir directamente a amigos tuyos que estan ya en Ğ1 que te certifiquen. Sino puedes venir a eventos de la “monnaie libre”, el proximo sera los RML9 en Junio, y asi prodas empezar con conocer un poco unos miembros (y despues con tus contribuciones proximas, habra miembros que te conoceran bien, y asi podran certificarte.

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Hola @Galuel, entiendo y recuerdo que el key signing de un Web of Trust se hace así. Tiene sentido.

Habrá que esperar a tener amigos certificados entonces. Con paciencia, no?

Aunque me gustaria participar en el RML en junio lo tendré complicado. Cuando venis a Barcelona?

Cuando nos invitaras ! :slight_smile:

Temprano estare cerca de Barcelona tambien (a partir de Junio) entonces si tienes unos amigos alli que se interesan al tema del dinero libre Ğ1, podre venir para ayudarlos si quieren para entenderlo, usar los programas, y cuando les conocere mas les podre certificar tambien :slight_smile:

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lo pensaremos entonces! Ahora ya tengo unos cuantos proyectos en mi espaldas, pero estamos en contacto!

hey Wouter, nice to see you!
Funny, the first post I saw in Duniter its from you!
All the good,

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Hi Martin,

that’s funny indeed, Martin, good to read you again! years have gone by but the wish to change the money system remains :wink:

I find this an interesting prototype, although challenging for people to get certified…


Hi Wouter,
lol yea, its little bit trick to get certificated right now. I even did not manage to get certificated for the test currency :confused:
I think currently the only change is if you drive to Paris :slight_smile:

Theoretically the network could double in one month (25 days) because you need 5 certifications and everybody can do a certification each 5 days, but practically it seems to take much longer time…

Normally movements tend to have a active member rate of 10%, lets say we are very good and can reach 20%, then the network would need 125 days to double.

I see currently the biggest problem, that if you verify somebody you must trust him fully. This trust naturally takes a lot of time. Therefore I outlined here an proposal how we could speed the verification process through using different tust levels:

I think this could speed up verification drastically, without compromising the security of the network.
Pros and cons of that are listed in the discussion in the topic above.

There are other possibilites :slight_smile:

For example, you could organize events around libre money in your towns, and manage to invite french people to do the talks or to help you organize a good game of Geconomicus. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find people to talk about libre moneys, we have some in the south of France, in belgium, in Paris… Well I don’t know if they talk a nice english, but it’s worth the try.

This is probably a good way to create the initial links with Europe areas.

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lol yea, its worth a try :slight_smile: So lets put 5 French in a Bus to Germany or Sweden :slight_smile:

By the way 3 members managed to get registered today!

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Well, the planes are not that expensive these days. And for sure, 5 people in one time is hard, but you have to start somewhere ! :slight_smile:

For example, you manage to organize these conferences with 1 or 2 french talkers. Then, people in sweden gets interested in libre money. Some come to france, get certified, and come back to sweden. You now have the possibility to initiate the WoT locally ! :slight_smile:


can you recommend somebody who is willing to come to Sweden or Germany?

We should ask the organizations like MLO ( cc @elois @mathieuBize ) , the one in Lille ( @Simon_Sarazin ) , or people from the French Basic income @Carole_Fabre . Maybe @Galuel knows some people too.

But at the moment they are probably very busy building their own local Web of Trust part. :slight_smile:


The WoT Ğ1 is too little at the moment. Be patient, or start another Libre Currency Duniter Ğ2 for instance where you live. But you will face the same problem. You have to know people who want to be part of it first. This start by contributing to the subject, with conferences, blog posts, social network relationships organising Ğeconomicus game, organizing coding party, install party etc…


@Galuel do we have English material for this? Especially i’m interested in material for schools.
Yes, i can also try to introduce people myself, but still it would be nice to have someone in the beginning that wants to come to Sweden or better Germany to get it started.

If enough people are interested we will see next if it is good to come to France, or create G2 or both.

Yes there are :slight_smile: The RTM for the kids — In Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Yes you have RTM in english, and also cuckooland made excellent features too in english, a a lot of other stuff you can collect on the net about RTM, Monnaie Libre, etc… in english.

You could collect all on your own website so english people could find a 100% english speaking place for that, you can also develop your own english tools and/or join the english translation team.

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Also, contributions to duniter website are always welcome :

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hello, your link don’t work for me ! , it’s normal ?

FYI I’m currently reviewing the whole RTM book, expect a new English version soon…
I’ll probably have to review the RTM for kids as well, it is understandable in its current format, but we can do better. :slight_smile: