Our node Duniter showing not all certifications made by users

Hi, last month we installed in a VPS a new mirror node called duniter00.monedalliure.org (see endpoints here) (you will see in Network). We had our fun setting all the parameters about ports, protocols, nginx, etc… We finally managed to have it working with INCOMING and OUTCOMING connections working and it has been sync since then.

But I realized that something is happening about certifications in a weird way. for example, I certified somebody while connected to that Node, and Cesium only shows that certification:


but I have another one pending(total 2), you can see here ,

and I can see both when connecting to node: g1.e-is.pro or g1.presles.fr

Is there something that we can debug or that we forgot to add in our node?

Documents in the mempool are not always correctly shared among nodes.
The spread could be improved, but can hardly be complete.
There is commands in Duniter’s CLI to spread/share these documents if you want a similar state on your node.

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THanks @moul, Is there a CLI command I could run from our node in a cronjob for example to be able to sync those mempool documents and have a fully sync node?

Sure, you can find these commands by looking into duniter --help result. Not sure if having an external hack to Duniter is the right thing to do. Duniter software should solve it in the case this is an important feature or bug fix. For which purpose woud you like to have the mempool completly synchronize with the network? Other nodes are writting the new documents to the blockchain, then the documents are for sure shared. Is it for pending documents display in clients? Is it to have the exact set of documents state required for a complete membership? Duniter node coud improve this. Clients can also do the job of looking over several nodes, as Sakia is doing. You can hack Duniter externally with this command, but you will have to restart the node each time the cron is trigger.

Yeah, it would be to avoid the issue describe originally, Cesium’s connected to our node, can’t see all the pending certifications so I guess it is « pending documents display in clients ».

I agree that it would be best this to be done within Duniter itself wihout using external hacks or forcing the clients to compare several nodes. I am not too familiar with the duniter intrinsics to be able to specify the information needed for a bug or feature request (or if it’s already created), but if some Duniter developer considers it important or some future TODO, I’d be happy to help with testing.

Thanks a lot @Moul