Packages for self-hosting distributions

Now I’m two packages behind. :crying_cat_face:

Do you for some reason have more spare time than peakwinter, the main programmer of ArkOS?
Or do you have a bigger team?

Yep, I think YunoHost project have a bigger core team.

Well, at least I can be useful for the other team then. Yunohost has no plans to base itself on Arch, has it?
That’s the main reason right now I’m sticking to arkOS.

Nope, YunoHost stay on Debian for it’s stability.
We could use Arch to have more upstream updated packages.
We need more energy to maintain YunoHost on two distributions.
But, it’s not impossible.


I tried to install Yunohost on my brand new RPI 3 to test DUniter server package, but I didn’t make it !
The post-install process didn’t finish, I think I have an issue with domain has I’m home…
@Moul can you help me on Yunohost install? Or redirect me to the good place to find help …

For now, YunoHost isn’t easy to install on Raspberry Pi due to Raspbian distribution.
No one is maintaining a YunoHost image for that ARM board.

Furthermore, there is some issue on the Debian package of Duniter for ARM.
We are working on it.

Bouh! :’(

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I hope to see sandstorm package/recipe and docker container/recipe for Duniter.
If i find some time soon, perhaps i will do it myself.

We already have some Docker stuff from 2 contributors :

If I remember well, it allows to have a quick Duniter mirror up & running. I’ve tested it successfully on a DigitalOcean few times ago.

edit: I didn’t know Sandstorm! It seems very similar to YunoHost.

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Thank you for the docker part :wink:
For Sandstorm, it’s similar to YunoHost, but with some technical design choice i realy like : the no-password sign-up/sign-in, the stack-agnostic packaging (not LAMP oriented), and the hi-security orientation.

I’ve not looked back on YunoHost since 2 year at least, so perhaps it have greatly evolved, but my last YunoHost feeling was… less user-friendly, that’s why i’m interested in Sandstorm packaging.