Photo requirements for gchange Ads?

i’m just copying in the message/issue i posted on the gchange page on github.
i posted it 18 days ago, and have not gotten any response. so thought to post here.
would love to sort out my Ad on gchange, but haven’t as the photo requirements as still unclear for me.

i’ve set up a gchange account for selling items online in the g1 network.
i’ve been able to upload a number of jpeg photos, but many other photos (also jpeg), do not upload properly… either they come out very pixelated, or there is a block of lined colour comes up in the place where a photo would be?

i’m uploading using librewolf browser… but also does the same thing on ungoogled chromium, and tried on a friends brave browser…

not sure what the problem could be… the file size doesn’t seem to be an issue, as some of the older photos that i’ve added are over 5MB… the new ones i’m trying to add are between 2-4MB.

i just tried my gchange now, deleting and adding a few photos… and the same thing occured.
i have ‹ canvas › access always allowed now, but that didn’t change the photo quality, or ability to display them.



Could you upload here an image affected by the problem, so we can try to reproduce?

Does it work when you open a problematic image in an editor (like Gimp or imagick or even paint), save it, and upload the new file to Gchange?

thanks for the response. appreciate the help with this.
i just opened the photo in drawing, on my linux… and saved it… and uploaded to gchange…

i will share the screenshot.
the first photo, is one i uploaded from my original jpg photo… and the second in the one saved with drawing… get good example of the two issues i’m faced with.

either a blank image with lines, or a very rough pixelated imaged.

tried to share a screenshot. but couldn’t copy and paste into text…
will see about attaching the photo jpg, and the screenshot… if can find my way through the french.

couldn’t find way to upload files or a screenshot. appreciate any pointers. thanks

If you have trouble with uploading images to the forum, try using this tool and just paste the image link in the message.

ok. thanks.
im new to this forum, as well as github… and can’t speak french, so i may be missing/no seeing instructions for uploading files…
but good to know about this online file sharing with lufi. thanks for that.

here’s the link for the two files, with photos i mentioned.

and here’s the screenshot of what the photos show on gchange:

my pseudo is spoon carver. curious to see what others see when they check out my ads page?
thanks tuxmain

Your images are too big. There may be a bug in the file size check, but you need to make the images smaller (less than 1000px for each dimension should be ok).

The forum interface should automatically translate to your browser’s default language, or else you can go to the settings: « Préférences » → « Interface » → « Langue de l’interface ».

ok… had sense it was the file size…
but, i’ve had files that are bigger than these, that don’t come out pixelated.

here’s one that is on my ad, and says its dimensions are 2500+ for each. and comes out well on gchange?

but the file size is only 1.6mb…

i’m happy to take more photos with camera, on a lower resolution, and see how they upload…

it’s not anything to do with how many photos i have on the Ad? like total size of photos uploaded?

the duniter forum is in english…
but some of the options (reply, cancel, etc…) are still in french?

I just tested with the 15MB image, no bug. I don’t know what’s happening.

ok. that’s strange.
so the size isn’t the only deciding factor? i was more feeling that it was something to do with using librewolf as my browser… but same thing happens with brave and ungoolged chromium.

you feel there are a few glitches in the gchange software? i find that sometimes my profile image is there, and sometimes it’s blanked out (again could be my browser)…

any suggestions? just take photos again on lower resolution setting, and see how the site takes them?

thanks for checking them out. appreciate your time.