Potential UX Improvement (Domain Names)

This is just to propose some potential UX improvements of Duniter vs other cryptosystems.

Domain Names

Since the WoT is already used to verify members and they have a public username it might be interesting to allow to send payments using a “member.username” with one of those per member.

More so, it might be interesting to allow the registration of domain names for other entities trough simple wallets with a yearly fee. This could allow Duniter currencies to send payments to “com.buisnessname”, “org.foundation”, “coop.farmersmarket” or “country.storename”.

The second proposal would be account recovery if “member.username” is a member then the member could lose acces to their funds if either:

  • The key is compromised
  • Access to the key is lost
  • Retrograde amnesia affects the recall of either the password or secret id

Then some rules might be put in place to allow a majority of those the member trusted to transfer the funds to a new key. (Or change the key of the is “member.username” to a new key with access to the funds)

This change would improve UX in general and would be more forgiving of eventualities.

Well, generally speaking, it is not advised to hold all your money on your identity key. This puts some risks in terms of anonymity and the importance of this key.

You’d like to have some short-uris like https://member.inso.g1.duniter.org which would display a page like https://g1.duniter.fr/#/app/wot/5cnvo5bmR8QbtyNVnkDXWq6n5My6oNLd1o6auJApGCsv/inso ?

More like being able to use it fields. (Sakia, Cesium, etc)