Problem in my balance

Today, I transfer money to 2 users. 1000 MB to the first and 1000 to the second one. If I look into my Transfers tab, I have the 2 transactions displayed with the correct amount of money. However, at the bottom, Debit is 116 000 MB (it was 4000 MB a few hours ago) and balance is (accordingly) -166 000 MB (it was also 4000 MB a few hours ago). Did I missunderstand the numbers or is this looks like a bug?

Yes it’s a bug already reported. Anyway, this feature was made to mimic bank account interface. But it is rather useless, because quantitative view is useless in everyday use of a relative money.
I think about get rid of it…
@Inso , what do you think ?

I think we should get rid of it yes. This won’t be implemented in 0.11 new UI :slight_smile:

Couldn’t this be shown in relative DU instead of quantitative ?

Something like:

  • credit: 10 DU
  • debit: 6 DU
  • balance: 4 DU

As the DU changes over time it makes little sense to do so. Maybe when we will have the referential “Relatively to the DU at time of the transaction”, it could be interesting.

It’s also interesting to get the account balance in DU at the current time, to know how much DU you can spend

Yes this will still be there. Just the debit/balance will be removed. If you handle a bit about python you can try the dev branch of cutecoin, the wiki explains how to run it :slight_smile: