Profiting all Android Tv boxes to run Duniter nodes

Hi, would it be too difficult to encapsulate the current linux Duniter servers to run as .apk for Android and therefore being easily installed in the hundreds of different Android TV boxes that members may have at their house?

That way we could also leave non-techy people the possibility to install a node and help the network.

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Yes it would be very difficult, and I don’t agree to manage one more platform, we already manage 4 different deliverables officially, it’s really a lot!

This would not help the network but would, on the contrary, weaken it. It is not quantity that counts but quality. For the security of the currency it is worth 50 well trained blacksmith members than 500 badly trained ones. Moreover I don’t see any interest in having a lot of nodes given the current number of users, it wouldn’t help the network at all.

To help the network, we especially need more qualified and motivated developers to solve our technical debt.