Proposing for number of certifications


I want to propose this :

If the maximum number of required certifications is 3 to be a member,
then the 4th, 5th, and 6th received certification can help, to renew the date of expiration ?

but after I think it is a waste of certifications,
for example some current members have 10 certifications / 3 required

We can add a maximum limit to certify identity ?
Coeff = 2
For example 3 required certs. * 2 = 6 the maximum limit of received certifications

Another proposition :
If you need to exchange a new certification ( a 7th received certification )
The receiver can swap this certification with an old but still active one
In this case the receiver refresh a bit the expiration of his membership ?
In this proposition, I suggest to set the maximum number of certs to the number of required certs = 3

It also allows an identity to really handle his received certifications ( expiration included )

The date of expiration of what? Receiving new certifications already delays your personal exclusion from the WoT, since even if old certifications expire, you will still have the newers to support you in the WoT.

Why? Also there is an upper limit planned in UCPv0.2, a max stock of emission for each member. No member can issue more than 40 active certifications for example (“active” means valid, non-expired and written certification).

Certification and membership are 2 different documents because they have different meanings. Certification is about identity being viewed and evaluated by others. Membership is about the identity itself saying “I am alive, I want to be in/I want to stay in”.

So no, certifications won’t delay your membership expiry. We need to know you are alive.

If you feel uncomfortable because memberships expire too quickly today, don’t worry: metab_brouzouf has 1 month validity duration for membership, but it will likely be 6 months in a production currency.

I 'm thinking that because I was wondering how to handle any waste of certifications,
I followed the topic on the defined limitation of certifications issued by members,
but I didn’t make the link,
In fact, I prefer your solution
because the limitation is from the issuance ( not to the receipt )