Questions about Duniter v1-v2 differences

I’m creating this thread to list questions in bulk about Duniter v2 behaviour that differ from Duniter v1. All good questions are allowed, whether you know the answer or not. The best questions/answer will appear in FAQ.

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Questions (wiki)

What can trigger membership loss?
When is an identity erased from blockchain storage?
Is there a limitation to the rate at which an identity can change its owner key?
When can a certification be renewed?
What is the maximum duration during which a (smith) membership can be pending?
What are the consequences of a pending membership?
Why is there no transaction comment anymore?


in individual posts in the thread below

When can a certification be renewed?

The only limitation to a certification renewal is the delay between two certifications (5 days). However the clients like Ğecko will prevent the user from renewing the certification before the last three months of its validity.

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  • the blockchain resource is scarce and we prefer to reserve it for the core of Duniter which benefits to everyone
  • there is no need for consensus and forever record of transaction comment, on the contrary, it is something that we prefer let machines forget
  • there will be transaction comments in Duniter v2 ecosystem, but this will be managed by other piece of software
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